Homecoming Queen Erica Alvey was a allotment of those angry away. “They told me that it was assuming my knees so it was too short, and in adjustment to get into the ball I had to put on leggings,” she said. “So I did, and I got aback in the dance, but that was afore I accomplished that this affair was traveling to about-face into such a big issue.”

Students and parents anon took to the Internet delivery their abuse about what happened. A Facebook page blue-blooded Stansbury Top Accession Spirit Massacre had added than 3,100 "likes" Monday afternoon.

Topham said advice about the dress cipher was included on fliers above-mentioned to the ball and was acquaint on the school’s website Feeltimes. It said: "Reminder: The Academic Ball Dress Cipher is amid on page 30 of the apprentice artist and there are posters up about academy assuming examples. Acceptance are accepted to accent their best and dress appropriately.

"Dresses should be at or abreast knee length. Slits in the dresses should not be any college than the top of the knee. Strapless dresses are banned unless a anorak or capote is worn. 'Plunging' necklines are prohibited. The backs of dresses should not actualization added than 1/3 of the aback (directly beneath the armpits). Midriffs should not actualization in any way. 'Sheer' bolt is acceptable, as continued as derma is not assuming underneath."

That's what several parents say their daughters wore, and added that the administering wasn't fair in chief who got to breach for the ball and who was angry away Bridesmaid Dresses.“One of our standards for academic abrasion is that skirts be at or abreast the knee,” Topham said. “There’s some ambiguity about what it agency to be abreast the knee.”

He said agents and an abettor arch were administering the dress cipher Saturday.