1.    Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus provides 100% cleanup, performance and usability rate is high. However, it is not quite fast at scanning. If adware is not a big problem for then you can choose this Antivirus.

Customers in the UK/USA can purchase Bitdefender Antivirus here, and if any problems are to be found can easily call the Antivirus Customer Support and they will surely be of help.

Customers in US owners can buy Bitdefender Antivirus here and if any problem is seen they can get in touch with the Antivirus Customer Service .

2.    Norton 360 Standard for Mac

Norton is new Antivirus support for Mac from Symanetic and it offers a lot more than just antivirus support. Other features that are provided are VPN, firewall, clean-up tools and more in one subscription.

Norton does not include functionality as the first full scan we tried fast but any other scan takes time. WebCam protection and Parental Control is not provided in the Mac version of the Antivirus but for PC version this is provided which is just not right. 

Get Norton 360 here if you are Mac Customer in the UK/USA or here if you are Mac Customer in the US and if any problem is seen they can get in touch with the Antivirus Customer Service Number.

3.    ESET Cyber Security for Mac

The rate at which the ESET Cyber Security clean up is done is good. However, the scanning speed it slow. The other feature that is provided with it for example ransomware protection is disappointing. Buy ESET or get the free trial here. US-based customers can get the software here.


Results of our antimalware testing are mainly just for support.

We ran full scans on a MacBook Pro and ran macOS Mojave that comprises i7 2.8GHz CPU with 16GB RAM and 512GB flash-storage based disk which had 400GB storage occupied. It contains eight CPU cores with four actual cores and four hyperthreaded virtual cores. The Mac is mainly used for normal tasks like sending emails, web browsing, movies, music, etc.

For testing always-on malware protection, 26 malware samples were downloaded through a Mac security site. It represented most malware that targeted Mac in 2018. Placing it on the live system would be attracting apparent security risks; we maintained it within a virtualised Mac running on VMware Fusion, with macOS Mojave installed.  It was put on 4 CPU cores, and 8 GB RAM, just as an average Mac system. VM was doled out four CPU centers, in addition to 8GB of RAM, so speaks to a normal Mac framework.

Actively, the system cannot be infected with this malware, it is impossible as Apple has Xprotect technology which is built into macOS blocking the majority of malware. We placed the malware sample by extracting it through password-protected archives. Most of the malware apps immediately responded and either quarantined it or deleted the files. This helped test each app’s malware database.

When any app didn’t catch the malware, we checked the VirusTotal database. VirusTotal is an open project that provides information about most malware and antimalware apps.

The intent was to get information if the antimalware app claimed to protect against the malware which it had ignored. And, it was sad to see that it had claimed to do so.

What is the problem then? Maybe, we had tested the Mac version of an antimalware app, and there are versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux and even Android of that app. So, the Mac version of the app might have a weakness thus, it was unable to catch the malware, even though it should.

Another point can be that, there might be an issue with the sample we were using. However, the others we used got 100% detection.


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