The first week of its release, you could find more than 1 million viewers watching WoW Classic on various channels. By comparison, Fortnite usually draws somewhere in the region of 200k viewers these days. TwitchTracker has it as the most-watched game on the site, with over 55 million hours watched this last week alone. To give some context, the next-most-watched is CS:GO with 19.2 million, and Fortnite trails with a relatively unimpressive 17 million.

Comparing current numbers to those of the other most-watched games on Twitch at the time of writing reflects how huge a number this is. According to Sullygnome, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had around 19.2 million, League of Legends 18.5 million, and Fortnite 16.6 million in the last seven days. While WoW is naturally seeing a big burst of interest following Classic’s launch, this is still a pretty impressive number. And if you want to Buy World of Warcraft Classic Power Leveling, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Zack “Asmongold” has been the top WoW streamer on Twitch consistently for over a year. Since Classic dropped some more big names from the platform have joined Asmongold and have began streaming Classic. Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris gained notoriety playing WoW and is now one of Twitch’s biggest variety streamers. Sodapoppin returned to WoW with the launch of Classic and has regularly pulled over 40,000 average viewers over the past week.

According to Twitch Tracker, in the last three months WoW has seen peak viewer counts ranging between 202k and around 244k each month, so the 1.1 million count was a pretty giant increase. August 2018, when WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth launched, saw around 600k peak viewers, according to the site.