Dropdown lists facilitate data entry. One must learn how to use and create lists within your worksheets.   In various methods like surveys, web forms and polls, it can help a lot to select limit the simple dropdown list choice so if it is useful then why not to use it in offline mode through Excel spreadsheet. Though it seems easy, it isn’t very intuitive.

 The Microsoft Office applications have the similar functionality of building drop list control. The most known and flexible tools that users use are Highlight, and Font Color controls. To format this toolbar, you can go to the right of the icon and click on the small triangle to display a list of choices.

 With an Excel sheet, you can create similar control for your users, but you must follow the steps by using the Data Validation feature. Though it not that intuitive to create the control, if you know this feature exists, you can quickly implement it.     


2 Must requirements to add a dropdown list


To add a dropdown list on an excel sheet, you need two things:


  1. A list 
  2. A data entry cell


To display a list of items from A1: A4, one must click the dropdown arrow. If you try to enter something out of the list, excel sheet will directly reject the entry. Follow the below 7 steps to add a dropdown list to an Excel sheet:


  1. In cells A1: A4 of excel, create the list and start adding items in a single row like A1: D1.
  2. Position the dropdown list in any cell. E.G., select cell E3. You can also select multiple cells.
  3. Now go to the Data menu and choose Validation.
  4. Find the allow option in dropdown list and then select list.
  5. Now tap the Source control and highlight the cells A1: A4 (you can change it according to your data entry) by dragging it.
  6. Now, take a look and ensure that the In-Cell Dropdown option is checked. In case if you tap uncheck button, excel will still force users to enter A1: A4 (list values). Remember it will not present a dropdown list after uncheck.
  7. Press OK.


You can also proceed similarly for multiple cells. For it, you must select the range of data cells. Remember, before closing the sheet, do Ctrl S or click on “Save changes” while closing the file.


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