Well first of all, I had such high expectations for this since it’s one of my fave YA books ever. Off the bat, I didn’t like the trailer, but decided to give it a chance.

  • Not the biggest fan of the casting. Starting off with Lara Jean, she’s not at all what I envisioned from the book and honestly the actress did not do her character justice. The quirk, the shyness, the character transformation, did not suffice at all.
  • The Covey sisters looked like they came from different ethnicities. I didn’t see much of their sisterhood too, they had such a wonderful bond in books. Their roles in the family wasn’t shown too, how they took care of each other without having their mom.
  • The Covey family as whole, is so tight knit. They had cute family traditions and they tried so hard to connect with their Korean roots! I was waiting for the scene where Lara Jean wore a Hanbok, but it seems they opted that out.
  • Josh Sanderson’s importance to the Coveys was overlooked to say the least. Josh was a fixture in their family for so long. He was a part of it too and when Margot broke up with him he lost so much more than a girlfriend. They made it look like Peter was more part of it than him.
  • Peter K... was okay, but still not enough. We didn’t get to see how much he changed when he was with Lara Jean and even how sweet he was to her. They had their own thing outside of everyone in school and we didn’t get to see that.
  • I hated the part where they just showed the months passing by without actually showing us the development of their relationship.
  • As the audience, you would want to see how things go with the couple, you want to have the chance to root for them and fall in love with them.
  • Lara Jean’s outfits are soooo I mean... I was confused for the most part? Was expecting some really cute and dainty pastel vibes huhu.
  • WHERE IS ALL THE BAKING??? One major theme in the books is the baking. In the movie, Lara Jean baked ONCE because she had to for Kitty’s bake sale. Where was the adorable scene where LJ and PK baked together?
  • Gone are the Halloween scenes, Lara Jean’s birthday, the Christmas traditions, the estate sale scene, and so much more.
  • The movie’s pace was such a turn off, how they removed all the small nothings, the routines. We didn’t feel the regularity like how Josh was always with their family, how Peter always picked them up sometimes bringing donuts, LJ going to lacrosse games.

The movie stripped away the depth and essence of the book. It was so disappointing. It was much better when I had the books to myself and I had my take on the story. It did not do the books justice at all. I know a few who have read the books who feel the same. So if you saw the movie and liked it, do me a favor and read it too because the book deserves to be recognized much more than the movie.

These are just my opinions and to merely critique the movie, not to hate on it or discourage anyone from watching it. I still appreciate the movie for its art and cinematography and the skill of the actors.