Jimmy Garoppolo's trade market is on life support.The Carolina Panthers clearly are out of the market after taking quarterback Matt Corral in Round 3 of this year's Shawne Merriman Jersey draft. And the Seattle Seahawks probably aren't in the market for Garoppolo either even though they need a starting quarterback, and that's probably because they've faced him twice a season for years and know exactly Mike Williams Jersey how overrated he is.But there could be a dark horse trade suitor for Garoppolo that will emerge late this offseason once Garoppolo can pa s a physical:The Houston Texans.That organization is full of former Patriots who were in New England when they drafted Jimmy Garoppolo. And that includes Texans general manager Nick Caserio, who came from New England and knows Garoppolo quite well.Scroll to ContinueWhich means the Texans could be interested in Garoppolo because of their familiarity with him. And the 49ers surely would welcome trading Garoppolo to the AFC.If there's any team that makes the most sense to trade for Garoppolo at this point, it's Houston.But why would Garoppolo want to go to the Texans? He Los Angeles Chargers Home Office has said publicly that he simply wants to play for a winning team at this point in his career -- the Texans are not a winning team. They're a rebuilding team. So why would he sign an extension with them after a trade? He might not.And why would the Texans trade for Garoppolo, given that Uchenna Nwosu Jersey they're not in win-now mode? Any team that trades for Garoppolo would be desperate for immediate succe s. That's not Houston. Plus, they have a young quarterback in Davis Mills who was as impre sive as any rookie last season. Why would they want to put his development on hold for Khalil Mack Jersey a year just to play Garoppolo?The longer this saga plays out, the more it seems like no team will trade for Garoppolo.