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Dell Printer errors codes can be quite deceiving. Sounding a little complex to the users, they are however quite easy to handle. You must have heard about the error code 077-900 associated with Dell? If not, then hearing it for the first time can make things go above your head. To break it further down, associating yourself with paper jam errors would become much familiar. Now, tie the two loops together. Dell Printer Error code 077-900 is nothing but a paper jam error when the Printer fails/refuses to feed the paper. Today let’s learn how to solve this particular error. Even if you haven’t still encountered with the same, you can always go through the information shared for future benefits. However, if you are perturbed with the same, then for sure you should read the blog and further if required dial Dell support number for further assistance.


Fixing Dell Printer Error Code 077-900

Before you begin with solving the paper jam errors, ensure that the Printer is switched off, the power cord and USB cable has been disconnected. This ensures your safety too.


Start with Input tray

  • If there are loose papers in the input tray, begin by removing those. Do not remove the stuck papers as of now.
  • Once you have taken out the loose stack, with the help of your hands, gently pull the stuck papers. Pulling it out with force would lead to the further paper jams.
  • Turn the Printer to the backside and use a flashlight to see if there are any foreign objects such as pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. fallen into the input tray. If yes, then remove them by hand.


Move to the Output tray

  • Turn your Printer to the front side and gently remove all the papers from the output tray.
  • Next, if any paper gets torn in the process, take out the remaining pieces from the tray.
  • Close the output tray and also the input tray


Access the Printer’s underside

  • Once you have cleared the paper jam from both input and output tray, turn the printer upside down and see if there is any foreign object or paper stuck. Remove it carefully.
  • During this process, some object may slide inside the input tray. Bring the Printer back to its original position and clear the obstruction in the input tray if any


Clear paper jams from the carriage access door

  • Open the carriage access door. If there are any pieces stuck inside the same, remove them carefully.
  • Ensure that the carriage is moving correctly from left to right and back without obtrusion.


Testing the Printer

  • Once you get rid of all the paper jam errors, you need to ensure that the Printer can feed paper and print properly
  • Connect the power cord and the USB cable back
  • Switch on the Printer
  • Insert some papers into the input tray
  • Print directly from the Control panel (Press colored+ white/black button together)
  • Give print command
  • If the paper comes out properly, then the error is resolved


However, if you are still struggling with the issue and feel that availing technical support would be the best aid, then dial dell customer support right away without procrastinating.


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