Currently the world of search engine optimization on Spanish language search engines is active again, this happens because of the recent contest organized and launched by the cryptocurrency company Fluyez. 

Who is Fluyez and what is its relationship with FluyezCambios?

Fluyez is a Peruvian fintech that focuses especially on exchanging, buying and selling cryptocurrencies for users in Peru. It is currently distinguished as one of the most secure and responsible platforms for executing these types of transactions. What is most pleasing about running this platform is that to handle cryptos there is no need to use any intermediary, the same person can buy and sell in a simple way. 

Forobeta and Fluyez

On the other hand, we have Forobeta, this big community in which many people dedicated to the Internet world, from designers to programmers, make a life. But... What does Forobeta have to do here? Well, since Forobeta is one of the largest Spanish-speaking communities in terms of SEO and marketing, its founder has decided to partner up again as a sponsor of this great contest. 

When we say "again allied" it is because on several occasions Forobeta has participated in these contests. Any reason for this? Well, we can say that the forum administrator loves these contests because he himself was the winner of an SEO contest in his time as well. 

How to participate in the contest?

We already talked about what FluyezCambios is, who sponsors all this... but ok, now how do we participate? Signing up is a very simple thing that doesn't require much hassle.

1# Search for the official Fluyez website and click on SEO contest. You can also copy and paste this url into your browser; To make it go faster.
2# Now that you are on the website, at the top of the page you will see a button that says "Participate Now", click on it to proceed with registration.  
#3 Fill out all the information requested for registration and you're done.
With these 3 simple steps is how you will participate in the FluyezCambios SEO 2022 contest.

Requirements for participating in the FluyezCambios contest

The requirements are by no means over the top or an extensive list. What do you need?

You need to own a new, paid domain; it must be registered after August 15.  
That's all, as you can see a single requirement, easy to understand, nothing else is needed!

Aims of the contest

As the main objective of this first crypto SEO battle, Fluyez and Forobeta seek to encourage the use and adoption of cryptos in the Latin American territory while learning many current strategies about SEO movements. 

There will be only 3 winners and they will be those who position their website within the top 3 spots and fulfill the above mentioned requirement. 

Prizes offered by FluyezCambios

Now it's time to talk about the juicy part :D what many people love, the prizes. Alright, for this contest the winners will have the pleasure of winning a nice piece of cake. 

  1. In first place, nothing more and nothing less than: 3000$.
  2. Second place, a very nice $1500
  3. Third place, not bad: $500

Imagine you make 2 websites and position them, then enjoy ;)!