Netflix is one of the most popular digital media entertainment company. That is offering the entertainment services across the globe. It is premium service. So you must have to subscribe to their services. When you subscribe to the service, you have to create a netflix account. which can be accessed on any device by using the Login id and password.

If you have forgotten that password for your Netflix account. than, you won’t be able to sign into the netflix account. At such time, you have to recover the password. IN case, if your account is already logged into the browser. There are high chances that you have saved the login information in the browser. if so, you can easily see your netflix password. If you don’t know how to do that? do not worry, here are the guide for you. you can apply it on your device.

How to See the Netflix password in Google chrome browser?

  1. First of all, you need to open the Google chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Now click on the menu button and then go to the settings.
  3. In the search settings box, you need to enter passwords.
  4. Now you will able to see saved email address and password window. Simply click on it.
  5. Select the Netflix account and then click on the view password.
  6. Now enter the password. finally, you will able to see the password.

So these are the steps to fix the netflix account. in case, if you need more help. you need to visit: how to see netflix password while logged in on chrome?