Darius Slay has revealed he will wear the number 24 jersey in a tribute to the NBA's "GOAT"Kobe Bryant after being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Star cornerback Slay joined the Eagles from the Detroit Lions this week in exchange for third and fifth-round Didi Gregorius Jersey draft picks before promptly signing a three-year contract extension worth around $50million.

Slay has worn 23 in his NFL career to date but plans to switch this year Zach Britton Jersey in a tribute to Philadelphia native Bryant, who was tragically killed along with eight other victims, including his daughter Gianna, in a helicopter crash in January.

Running back Jordan Howard wore 24 Bernie Williams Jersey for the Eagles last season, but his move to the Miami Dolphins freed up one of the old numbers Bryant - a noted Eagles fan -wore with the Los Angeles Lakers.

"My number I'm rocking? I'm going with that 2-4, man,"Slay told fans on Instagram Live.

"I'm gonna rock with 2-4 this year. I'm going Kobe mode, man. Black mamba, baby.

"Rest in peace to the GOAT, man, one of my favourite players. James Paxton Jersey Gonna rock that 2-4 probably. I think I'm gonna look good in 24."

From Andy Pettitte Jersey the bottom of our hearts...Thank you,

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers)

Elsewhere, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers addre sed the departure of quarterback Jameis Winston, who spent five seasons with them,for the first time.

A day after Winston, the former number one overall pick, said goodbye DJ LeMahieu Jersey to the team after their addition of Tom Brady, the Bucs responded.

They posted a tweet on Sunday that included a "thank you, Jameis"graphic with a me sage that expre sed their gratitude to him "from the bottom of our hearts".