Keeping records accurately and timely is a necessity for any business to work and survive in the economy, which is very competitive and tough. It helps in the proper management of cash flow and enables the owner to examine the financial performance of their business. The process of bill management is very complicated and lengthy and hence ignored by many small businesses. So if you want to manage your bills accurately, you can go through the step by step guide given below. But if you find it lengthy, you can get in touch with quickbooks support number to get expert’s assistance regarding the issue. The experts are available 24/7 at your service, and you can call them anytime you want


You should create a several accounts where the cash amount will be recorded. If you wish to set up an expense account, you need to click on lists and then on the chart of accounts option and in the next window, click New under the account option. You will see a new account window menu; you need to click on the expense type of account and proceed
You need to follow the given process to manage your QuickBooks bills online:


  • Receiving and entering Bills QBO system- You need to click vendors and enter bills. Then you will have to select the supplier from the drop-down menu, and then you will be required to choose bill date, terms, and due date. Now enter the expense account with some description of the bill. You need to enter amount and tax rate. Then proceed by saving it, and you have entered a bill into QuickBooks
  • Payment of bills in QuickBooks- There are many ways to pay the bills. You can pay them using the expense form provided, or you can pay them from the supplier’s page. Auto bill payment is also possible and if you want to set up auto payment, will be a better option
  • Setting reminders for the payment of bills- For a proper management of Bill payment, you should set the reminders so that if you have any overdue or unpaid bill, the reminder will remind you to pay the bill. You will have to set the dates for the bill payment
  • Checking reports of the bill payments- You need to click on reports and then on suppliers or payables. You will several reports on the screen, and your job is to select what you want


Above mentioned are some steps that you can follow to manage your QuickBooks bills online. If you follow these steps, it would be easy for you in the Bill management. If you don’t find these steps helpful, you can contact quickbooks technical support for getting a detailed solution to your problem. They will thoroughly make you understand the process in which you can manage your bills


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