Kinect, a fitness gaming device from Microsoft is one of the first devices in the making of fitness games. All that is basically known by people who are interested in the gaming device is that Kinect will revolutionize the gaming business through its one of the most novel features called Kinect S. But should one be worried about how Kinect will impact the fitness world?

Let us first take a look at the core of Kinect. The device is based around a video camera with three dimensional depth sensor technology. What actually happens is that infrared light is absorbed by a small opening in the CRoton board, and is then processed by the Rambus processor to move along a base path to identify the user for acquiring a full body scanning from all angles. The motion recognition software for Kinect then works to normalize the position of every joint in the body, and then begins to work upon the various skeletal motion LMises to normalize their positions to the body, more particularly the arms, legs, pelvis, and feet.

With the gamer focusing on moving their own body, with repetitive movements, kinect works in a way to make fitness as fun as possible. Because of the certain motion sensor capabilities of Kinect gamers, traditional exercise like aerobics and rhythm boxing can be enjoyed in a whole new way compared to exercising non-gamers.

Although the game will initially focus upon weight loss, it is obvious that it is going to have a considerable appeal among users who are not necessarily focused upon fitness. Then, the great appeal of the Kinect fitness games genre is the fun that is inherent in the movement of the body, with players moving, swinging,ellectually pushing and pulling their way through an entire workout, with occasional assistings of course.

Because of the way the Kinect sensor works, there is the potential to address issues such as―ing, and":"/public dancing, and the facial and voice recognition which keys in part of Kinect's fitness tracking system.

Because of the potential to make fitness fun, Kinect has already been flying off the shelves, and right into the homes of eager customers. Initially released in the United States, it was then launched in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Soon after, it was launched in Australia as well.

The way Kinect works, and the potential to address issues such as humming and abusiveness towards the abutting person, makes Kinect a potential bloodhound in the fight to lose weight. Which is perhaps the ultimate reason to want to lose weight, because of the fun that is delivered when this fitness tracking device is incorporated in certain motion-filled exercise games.

Of course, Kinect will also have a specific fitness program designed around the needs of beginners, as well as people who are already in good shape, ready to burn calories and lose weight, and also the fitness industry and general fitness enthusiasts.

So much for the reasons as to why Kinect has been sweeping the U.S. since November of 2008, but Kinect fitness games are fun and entertaining for every user regardless of age, race, body type or educational level. Pick up your Kinect for Xbox now!