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HP LaserJet Printers are efficiently suitable to be used for office as well as personal use. This printer is easy to be used and can effortlessly be utilized by anyone to get their work done. The printers that HP provides are always cost-efficient and hassle-free; this is what has made them the primary choice of several users. Even though HP printers can be are highly effective devices, there are some glitches which the users face while using them. When the users face any issue, it is required that they cater to it at the earliest so that they do not cause any major complications. The problem like printer printing blank pages, cartridge issue, jammed paper issue, and the issue of the printer not responding are some of the most common malfunctions which the users would have to face. If the user wishes to learn more about the malfunction and ways to solve it, they can promptly connect with hp printer customer care number. Users also have the option of reading the content of this blog, which would help then get a mild understanding of the steps which they would have to undertake to solve all these issues.


HP LaserJet printers are rated among the top printer devices available in the market, and this is mainly because these printers provide the users with various amazing features. Even though there are numerous features, it does not completely cover the issue that these devices come up with. Hence when the user come across any glitch, there some basic troubleshooting steps which they can use to solve the issue at the earliest. Some such common fixes have been mentioned below for your reference:

  • When the users face an issue with ink while using HP LaserJet P2035, then it is best to check the cartridges and make sure that it has ample ink in it and also see whether the ink cartridges require replacement.
  • The users also have to ensure that the users are using authentic HP ink or toner supplies for their printers. Only the authentic products would guarantee high-quality print results.
  • It is necessary that the users clean the printer regularly and check for any debris or paper that is jammed in the printer. If there is anything this stuck in the printer, it could result in serious complications.
  • When the user is removing the ink cartridge from the printer, it is important that they replace it in the exact manner. If the user makes any error while replacing the cartridge in the slot, it would also result in certain malfunctioning.

With the help of the above-given steps, the users can easily solve some of the most common complications. In case the user requires additional assistance, they can always connect with hp printer contact number. This service is available throughout the day and is free of charge. The professionals at this service would ensure that the malfunction is solved completely.


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