A person can enjoy comfortable seating on the wheelchair only when his weight distributes evenly on the seat and he gains feeling of stabilization after sitting. The Ergonomic manual wheelchairs are designed on the aforementioned principle.  These wheelchairs designed to support the natural contours of the body like weight, height, etc., in such a manner that a user experiences minimize level of pressure points and pain.

These wheelchairs are light in weight as they support lightweight aluminum frame construction which commonly used in aircraft construction. To provide agility to the body, seats are made from antimicrobial fabric to put minimum pressure on the pain points. The rear wheels meticulously designed so that users can propelled themselves with ease in forward direction and even in narrow spaces. The fundamental principle behind designing ergonomic manual wheelchairs is to offer maximum comfort to the users so that the wheelchair self-propel easily without putting much effort on shoulders, arms and hands. The technologically advanced ergonomic designed wheelchairs have following features:

  • Foldable design
  • Breathable anti-bacterial and anti-staining seat
  • Elevated or swing-away footrest
  • S-shape seating system to provide better stability to the body

Who are Ideal Candidates for Ergonomic Manual Wheelchairs?

Those people who face mobility issues and need walker or crutches to perform daily activities are ideal candidates for these wheelchairs. Even people with arthritis, lower limb amputations, cerebral palsy find ergonomically designed wheelchairs absolutely comfortable. Those people, who are recovering from the knee, feet and hip surgery can use the wheelchairs for specific time period. However, it is important that a person must possess upper body strength and cognitive ability to self-propel the chair carefully.

These wheelchairs are extensively used in private residences as well as in public spaces. The reputed nursing homes and old age homes usually buy ergonomically designed manual wheelchairs in bulk at discounted prices from reputed online stores. Even individuals can take these wheelchairs on rent by paying affordable amount.  However, it is important to look after the features of ergonomic wheelchairs before making investment. The wheelchairs with advanced safety features are expensive than normal ergonomic wheelchairs.

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