With the virus attacks getting more sophisticated and the spyware being upgraded it is probably a good idea to make sure your security software keeps up with the pace. Updating your Avast security software helps to keep your system secure and protects your PC against viruses and spyware. However, the update process does not always run smoothly, and users often encounter errors, such as ‘Avast HTTP Server Returned’ error. The HTTP error generally occurs when there is a problem connecting to the server or because certain files are missing or corrupted. You can call the avast customer care number and speak to a professional software expert to find the root of the HTTP error. Additionally, you can also implement the basic troubleshooting steps given in this article to try and resolve the error.

Step to fix Avast HTTP Server Returned Error

Since the ‘Avast HTTP Server Returned’ error is probably caused because of a corrupted installation file, the best thing for you to do is to repair the software. You can use the Avast Setup Wizard to repair the program files and fix any components or features that may be damaged. The steps given below will be able to give you a general idea about how to complete the repair process for your Avast software:

  • Step 1: Enter your admin details and log in to your Windows computer.
  • Step 2: Make sure no other security software is running on the device.
  • Step 3: Right-click the ‘Windows’ button in the start menu.
  • Step 4: Go to the ‘Apps and Features’ section located in the left panel.
  • Step 5: Look for your Avast security software and then press ‘Uninstall.’
  • Step 6: When you receive a prompt from User Account Control, click ‘Yes.’
  • Step 7: Once the Avast Setup wizard appears on the screen, click ‘Repair.’
  • Step 8: Wait for some time while the setup tool repairs your Avast software.
  • Step 9: After the repair process is complete, you can click ‘Done’ and then reboot your computer.

The repair process will automatically reset the software configuration and fix any files that need to be updated. However, you must keep in mind that while you are repairing your Avast Antivirus software, some of your settings may return to the default configuration. If you find that the ‘Avast HTTP Server Returned’ error persists you can call the avast customer support and ask for additional assistance. Professional tech support experts are available 24 hours a day to give you detailed steps so that you can implement more advanced solutions to update and fix your security software. You will get timely responses so that you can resolve any error you may encounter on your Avast software.

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