Roadrunner email service is provided to the clients by Time Warner communications. The users who have procured the email address of the same can easily set it up on a third party platform or device. With the help of IMAP and SMTP settings, the configuration can be made possible. The server settings is a standard internet protocol through which you can retrieve your messages from the mail server through a TCP/IP connection. To set up Roadrunner email on Android, you can read the steps shared in the blog. Doing so will enable you to read all your mails from the Android device. And if you stay logged in, you will also receive the notification updates. Proceed further to know about the detailed step by step procedure. For any doubts or concern, kindly get in touch with roadrunner technical support number.

The solution to configure Roadrunner email on the Android operating system

  • Click on the Settings icon of your smartphone.
  • From the list of menu that appears, click on Mails, Contacts, and Calendar
  • Tap on the option of ‘Add an email account.’
  • Enter your Roadrunner email address and click on Next
  • Put a tick mark near or select Personal (PO3) and again click on Next
  • Enter your Roadrunner email password

Configure the Incoming Server Settings

  • Enter your full Roadrunner email address with the domain name (, and the name varies as per the location
  • Now provide your mail password
  • In the server select POP and type, (Again this will vary as per your site)
  • In the port, type manually 110
  • In front of Security, select None

Once you are through with the incoming server settings, move forward to configure the Outgoing Server Settings

  • In the server name, select SMTP and type ( as usual the domain is based on the area)
  • For Port select 587
  • For security type, select None
  • In front of the box Requires sign in, keep a checkmark
  • Your username would be your complete email address including the domain name
  • Enter the email password and then click on Next
  • In the Name field, enter your name. This will be displayed to the people who will receive mails from you.

Once you have configured all the settings, the process of setting up the Roadrunner email would be complete. Now you can easily view your emails through your Android smartphone and keep yourself updated with essential messages. One of the problems that a user can face is with their domain address as it is based on the location. To clarify about the same, you can reach out to roadrunner tech support number and have a word with the technical masters.

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