User Xiaoxiongnaicha told the Weibo apple that, "As a Chinese, we all actual appreciative and captivated to allotment our cultural fashions with anyone about the world. We all abutment her," China Daily reported.Vlogger Winston Sterzel, in a YouTube video acquaint Wednesday, walks through a artery in China allurement humans whether it's OK if adopted women abrasion the qipao while assuming them a photo of a woman cutting the dress."Totally OK," one man said. "It has a awakening array of archetypal feel." Accession woman, searching at the photo, said it "looks in fact good."

The South China Morning Column quoted anyone in the Wenxue City News as saying, "Really don't accept the humans who are adjoin (Daum), they are wrong!" The being added an invitation: "I advance the Chinese government, accompaniment television or appearance aggregation allure her to China to affectation her cheongsam!"Daum, in an email to China Daily, said she has been "overwhelmed by the abounding humans from China who accept both accomplished out to me and accept acquaint to amusing media their viewpoints I acknowledge them for the moral abutment apropos my accommodation to abrasion a qipao."

A Utah boyhood stands by her accommodation to abrasion a acceptable Chinese dress to her prom, a move panned by some as cultural allotment but accepted by others.

Keziah Daum said she will not accord in to burden and annul an April 22 Twitter column assuming her assuming with her brawl date in the red cheongsam, or qipao. "To anybody causing so abundant negativity," she tweeted Prom Dresses. "I beggarly no boldness to the Chinese culture. I'm artlessly assuming my acknowledgment to their culture. I'm not deleting my column because I've done annihilation but appearance my adulation for the culture. It's a f***ing dress. And it's beautiful."