For activating the antivirus subscription, 25 digit code called product keys are developed. You should take a subscription for your antivirus to avail advanced security and shield to your device. McAfee is one of the most reliable antivirus software which prevents viruses, malware, or any kind of online threat from entering your device. You can avail its subscription with the help of McAfee activation key. In this blog, you are provided with the process of activating McAfee product key along with how to find the product key of the antivirus software. Before locating the product key, you need to ensure that you have purchased McAfee antivirus from offline or online mode. You can also get in touch with Mcafee customer support number to get assistance from the techies who provide you with the best possible solution in no time at all. But before that, you should refer to this article:

How to find the product key of McAfee antivirus?

If you have purchased the McAfee product key through online mode, you can go through the steps mentioned below to get to know where will you find the product key:

  • You must have received a McAfee confirmation email on your mail address. You will have to sign in to that.
  • You will be required to tap on the mail, and you will get a 25 digit code

If you have purchased the McAfee antivirus product key through offline mode, you will have to refer to the steps given below to find the product key:

  • You will first have to search the McAfee antivirus installation box
  • You will find a retail card under this installation box
  • You will receive the product key of 25 digits behind this card.

Where to enter the product key for activation?

Once you have found the activation key of McAfee, you will then have to proceed by entering the key into the required field. You will be required to enter this 25 digit of activation key into the activation page at the time of activating the subscription of the product.

The product key is required not just to activate the antivirus but also when you will have to renew the subscription. It happens in some cases that people lose their activation key, which makes it difficult for them to activate or renew the subscription. This problem is fixable as you will find the McAfee activation key inside the account information of McAfee account. Once you go there, you will have to select the antivirus product which you purchased, and you will get the product key.

By following the methods given in this blog, you will be able to activate McAfee product key. If these steps don’t help you, you can call mcafee technical support and speak to experts regarding the issue.


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