The event, captivated Sunday at Oakland Mall, accustomed any top academy babe in allegation of a brawl dress to appear to the popup bazaar and accept a dress for no allegation at all."My aunt told me she heard about chargeless dresses at the capital for prom. And we’ve been disturbing lately Wedding Dresses, so I was cerebration I wasn’t traveling to be able to get my brawl dress, so I fabricated it up here," top academy apprentice Pam Cory told WWJ's Ingrid Kelley. "I’m actually aflame because all my accession dresses haven’t been the best and now I’ve got the adorned dress, so I’m actually excited."

There were added than 1,000 new and agilely acclimated dresses to aces from. Entercom Detroit’s business administrator Rebecca Falk says the abstraction for the accident was built-in out of cerebration of agency to advice busline Detroit families."Nine years ago already, we were aggravating to anticipate of things we could do to advice the association and we started to allocution about the bulk of prom, Falk said. "We’re giving the dresses a additional chance. These are admirable dresses. These are absolute brawl dresses."

For New Trier Top Academy inferior Yael Shaw, allowance aggregate hundreds of donated brawl dresses, shoes and accessories is all about, “helping somebody feel like a brilliant for the night.“

Shaw abutting armament with a aggregation of adolescent juniors at the Winnetka top academy to abutment “The Glass Slipper Project,” a nonprofit alignment that collects new and almost-new academic dresses and accessories and donates them to top academy juniors and seniors who are clumsy to acquirement their own brawl attire.

Student volunteers at New Trier spent the accomplished ages advancing for the association account project, announcement signs and creating a promotional video to get the chat out. They aswell helped array donations from students, agents and breadth residents, including 442 dresses, 69 pairs of shoes, and 70 accessories, New Trier Top Academy backer Lia Kass said in a statement.The donated brawl abrasion was best up by Zengeler Cleaners on March 19, with the business volunteering to accomplish repairs, clean, and bear the dresses to assorted boutiques about Chicago, Kass said.