Lost Ark Steam account: Lost Ark Gold A mage in the background casts a spell while others rush into battle

The next update for Lost Ark scheduled for tomorrow will be making use of Steam's trust account features to combat bots. Steam accounts who have lost - or aren't yet earning the platform's 'trusted' status are being denied access to various options as part of an effort to stop bots currently occupying the game.

The newest Steam accounts are considered limited until the account makes a purchase of at least $5 USD in Steam's Steam store. In the meantime, those restricted accounts are not able to use the majority of Steam's social featuresas a part of Valve's plan to stop fraudulent activity through Steam. In the present, the Lost Ark devs are using that same feature to battle bots within the MMO.

Since this weekly update, Lost Ark players with limited Steam accounts won't be able to start player-to-player trading, but trade requests can still be accepted. Additionally, they will no longer be able to make in-game gifts, trade Royal Crystals for gold, or even send messages in-game using attachments.

"Additional enhancements to cheap Lost Ark Gold our anti-cheat tools have been made available in this update , to keep out bots and cheaters," the devs say in their announcement "alongside some other changes we've created in conjunction with Smilegate RPG behind the scenes. We're not going to share all our secrets, or the people who are involved in these crimes could be exposed. We know this won't solve everything, so we'll continue to crack down on those engaging in fraudulent purchases and bots."