Excel is a robust yet simple to use a spreadsheet program. Oftentimes, Excel charts can be

intended to display complex information to the users visually. Excel 2019 has powerful new

features to produce impressive charts. When you wish to provide just the Excel chart rather

than the whole dataset to the audience, then your Microsoft Office Setup PowerPoint

application could possibly be the right choice to take action. While PowerPoint has its group

of features to draw charts, it would be very hard and frustrating to draw the charts in the

PowerPoint slide that already are in the Excel workbook. Therefore it might be a smart

decision to export the charts from the Excel program to the PowerPoint program, or you

could import the charts from the Excel program in to the PowerPoint program. Either real

way can save you a great deal of commitment.



Copy the Excel paste and chart it into a PowerPoint slide. To get this

done, follow the instructions below:


Open the Excel document which has the Excel chart. Go directly to the specific sheet and

select the chart.


Through the Clipboard group of the true home tab choose Copy and click on it.

- You can press the CTRL + C keys simultaneously also.


The chart is copied to the clipboard. Go to the PowerPoint presentation now.


Open up the PowerPoint presentation and choose the slide where you want to paste the



In the Clipboard band of the real home tab choose Paste and select it.

- For the CTRL be pressed by the keyboard shortcut + V keys.

- The chart shall be pasted onto the PowerPoint slide.

A little group of Paste Option icons shall appear in the bottom of the pasted chart. Different

options is there, choose the best options that will best suit your purpose.


To keep the data in the PowerPoint slide exactly like the info in the Excel workbook the chart

should be from the source data. To link the chart in the PowerPoint slide to the Excel

workbook choose the option “Chart (associated with Excel data)” in the PowerPoint

application. To view the chart as a static image, choose the ‘Paste as Picture’ option. To

keep carefully the original format, choose the choice Keep Source Formatting. You can also

choose the utilization Destination Theme option to paste and format the chart utilizing the

destination theme.


To provide the chart in a different design, its design can be changed by going to the look

tab and simply clicking the style form from the chart styles option.


To see the chart as a motionless image you may use the Picture format and it'll show a

much better quality image than the typical Bitmap format.


You can insert charts from a preexisting Excel workbook. You will need


not recreate the chart in the PowerPoint presentation. You are able to

import it from the Excel worksheet. Steps to take action are the following




  • Open up the PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where you want to insert the


  • After activating the slide, go directly to the Insert tab and choose the thing button from the

written text click and group on it.

  • For creating a new chart choose the Create New button. For example for creating a fresh

excel chart choose the MS Office Excel Chart.

  • For inserting a chart which is within an excel worksheet already, click on the button Create

from file, click ok then.

  • Go through the Browse navigate and button to the document where in fact the chart is.

Choose the click and file ok.

  • There's a link box, click it if it's had a need to keep a link with the source document. Click

ok then.

  • Without pasting the chart you can display it as an icon. To get this done, check the Display

as icon check box click ok then.

  • The icon of the excel workbook shall appear on the slide. Drag it to the positioning where

you want to create it.

  • Resize and position the chart in the foundation file if required.



Among the above mentioned two processes, the first one is way better. To learn more about

the procedures you should search the assistance files that are from the Excel program. You

might want to consult with an Excel consultant to get more specific details. There are

numerous procedures and guidelines for different tasks in various versions of Microsoft

programs on the internet. Go to the site www.office.com/setup & Office home setup 2019  and go through the

scheduled program with which your problem relates to, find out the mandatory topics then.

This will help you to solve your trouble certainly.

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