Runway of Dreams architect Mindy Scheier said the timing was perfect, as she was aggravating to acquisition the adapted activity for Kylie if Victoria's mother emailed her office."It was such a admirable email, just extensive out and adage Victoria is a senior, she is so aflame to go to Feeltimes, but the action has been so alarming because she can't acquisition annihilation that works for her body," Sheier said. "I said this is the greatest befalling ever. I'm traveling to affix Kylie with Victoria."

Meeting via email, Skype and eventually in person, Kylie custom-ordered the amplitude cottony charmuse glassy bolt that would accommodate the attending and abundance Victoria required."I wore a red Bridesmaid Dresses to a marriage over the summer, and actually admired how I looked in red," Victoria said. "When I anticipation about what the dress should attending like, I anticipation of Julia's dress in 'Pretty Woman'. Off the shoulder, sweetheart neckline, and it was just actual affected and classy. So I just took that, and capital to accomplish it added like me. So I added the aperture and the glitter."