Now, mainstay battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite have set standards like the royale battle standard experience, many other developers have stepped up to offer their own interpretations of the genre. One such developer is Hi-Rez Studios, the same developer who is behind the title Moba with the theme of popular mythology, Smite and hero-based shooter Paladins. In fact, the Hi-Rez battle royale, Realm Royale, really started life as a kind of Paladin-themed fantasy branch before the studio decided to make it a fully independent experience.

Currently, Realm Royale is available on Steam as alpha F2P, and Hi-Rez plans to maintain the F2P model once the game is fully launched. I recently played through several matches of Realm Royale myself, and as someone who also played some of the more popular battle royale games out there, I was impressed with how the Hi-Rez project aims to stand out from the crowd. If you want to buy Top Up Realm Royale Crowns, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

The most important addition to the Realm Royale is Forge. Functioning a bit like the Fortnite Vending Machine, this craft station is spread around the map in a busy area and allows you to get the best weapons, abilities and armor in the game. Of course you will need material to trigger the process, which can be obtained by unloading weapons and pickup capabilities, but you also need to wait about a minute for Forge to produce the best items.

The Royale Realm also introduces crafting mechanics, which make weaker or unwanted teeth something useful. When you find something you don't want, or exchange gear for the things you do, you can disappoint what remains is a fraction. Players can use splinters to forge to craft new legendary gear, including special grade abilities and weapons.