Men's dreadlocks are super versatile and require very little maintenance – making them ideal for time-poor guys. Whether worn long or short, thick or thin, dreadlocks have the ability to be uber-stylish, yet oh-so-practical.

Now, if you're thinking about rocking some dreads of your own, you'll need to draw inspiration from somewhere, right? Well, it just so happens, that MensHaircuts’ve created a round-up of the very best dreadlocks hairstyles – just keep on scrolling to see what’s in website!

Dreadlocks are nothing new - in fact, they've been around for decades. They've definitely stood the test of time up until now.

There most certainly are! In MensHaircuts gallery of some fresh dreadlock styles, you’re going to walk you through the best dreadlock haircuts, giving you plenty of inspiration for your own style!