AOL Desktop Gold is a software which has made its mark in the market. It is software which has attained great support from the users across various countries. AOL Desktop is the superior version of AOL Desktop. This software provides the users with several amazing features and services which aid the users in their daily routine. Some of the several elements that this service brings to the users are web browser, email service, etc. AOL Desktop Gold is multifunctional software which allows the users to the user multiple services using just one software. By availing the services of AOL Desktop Gold, the user gets one stop solution to most of their needs. This software can easily be used on Windows and Mac OS platforms. By following the information given in the blog the users would easily be able to Download AOL Gold for Mac on their system. The users also have the option of contacting the customer service to avail more information about the software.

Installation Process for MAC users

If you are willing to install AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac device, then the steps that you would have to follow are as stated below:

  • Using the web browser on your Mac device, navigate to the Login page of AOL
  • Now using the AOL user ID and password, log in to your account.
  • Further, you would have to go the AOL benefits section and then search for AOL Desktop Gold. If you are a Premium member, you will find AOL Desktop Gold in the AOL benefits section. If you are not a Premium member, then you would have to take the membership plan first.
  • Once you are done with the above step, click on download and then choose the Mac operating system. This would then start the download process of AOL Desktop Gold.
  • When you find that the download process is complete, install the software by running the downloaded file and following the on-screen instructions that are provided to you.
  • Now you would have to close all the programs running on your system and then restart your Mac device.

Using this process, you can easily install AOL Gold for Mac on your Mac system, after which you can efficiently handle each and every service that they have on offer.

Installation Process for Windows

The process that you would have to follow to download and install AOL Desktop Gold on your Windows operating system is as given below:

  • To download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows operating system, the steps are almost the same as installing it on Mac OS.
  • If you already have the Premium membership, you can smoothly go to your AOL Email and then find the email stating ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold.’
  • You would now have to download the software for windows by clicking on the link which is provided to you in the email.
  • After the installation file has been download, double click on the file to initiate the process of installation.
  • Accurately follow the information that is provided on screen, and you would have the software installed on your system in no time.

By following the steps given above, the process of download and install of AOL desktop Gold upgrade may seem very easy. If you come across any issue in the process of downloading or installation, you can easily contact the customer service number and avail professional assistance.


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