AOL email is one of the most profound email services which is available in the world. AOL email was founded during the early stages of the year 1990. Ever since they have been providing the users with highly efficient and effective email service all across the globe. Users all around the world are highly satisfied with the kind of service which they receive from AOL email. After all the pros that this email service provides, there are certain issues too which the users face while using this email. Among several issues, one common issue which the users face is when they wish to change the AOL password using an Apple device. Often users come across the need to change the password when they forget their password. When the user forgets the password to their email account, they would not be able to gain access to their email account. When faced with such a circumstance, the users can avail assistance from trained professionals by connecting with AOL tech support number. This is a service which the users can use from any corner of the world, during any time of the day and most importantly free of cost.

What is the need to change the AOL Email password?

There are numerous reasons which the users should keep in mind while working on the internet. The most important reasons are when the users suspect their email to be hacked. It is necessary that the users always keep their email account protected from malpractices which take place on the world wide web. There are several people who are on the internet who work to steal personal data, and this happens by hacking the account. Emails to at time contain sensitive data which can be crucial when it lands in the wrong hands. Some points which the users must keep in mind while working on the internet is as mentioned below:

  • It is necessary that the users change their password on a regular interval.
  • It must always be kept in mind that the users do not share their password with anyone.
  • It would be ideal for the users to incorporate multiple characters and numbers in the password.
  • The ideal length of the password would be up to 12 characters.
  • To an extent, avoid logging into your email account from unknown and different locations.

Process of changing the password on an Apple Device

If you wish to change the password of your AOL email account using your Apple device, then the steps that you would have to incorporate are as given below:

  • The users must access the settings on their Apple Device.
  • Now click on the option which says “Mail, Contacts, Calendar.’
  • Further, access the “AOL” option and then click on your email address.
  • Now you would have to press the “Password” option.
  • You can then create a new password for your AOL account.
  • In order to save the changes made, click on the Save button.
  • Once you have done all the mentioned steps, the password would be changed successfully.

If you come across any concern while following the steps that have been mentioned, then you can promptly connect with AOL customer care number  and seek additional assistance. The professionals there would take up your issue and solve it in the least possible time.

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