Basic info about CentOS:

CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is a free OS distribution related to the Linux. CentOS is assumed entirely from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution. Usually, CentOS and Debian compete with each other to become the best Linux distribution for web servers. Because of the CentOS binary compatibility with RHEL, it is highly compatible with the Linux software. CentOS has becomes the most popular Linux distributions in the hosting industry. Most of the hosting control panels utilize CentOS as a Linux distribution. RHEL comes along with a paid support and is moreover it is a commercial product. CentOS is totally a free product and does not include any RHEL branding throughout the system.


Users those who are installing the CentOS get access to the decade’s worth of enterprise-level security updates which is related to the Red Hat. This means that CentOS is equipped with several arrays of impressive security features, consisting of an incredibly powerful firewall and also the SELinux policy mechanism. With CentOS, users will be getting increased stability with the distribution, and also it becomes the best choice for the users. CentOS is considered as a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). There are various differences between the CentOS and RHEL but both are similar to each other.


CentOS is one of the preferred Operating Systems for web hosting servers and also the most used operating system on the web server. CentOS ensures that you will always have a reliable and protected OS. Using CentOS is one of the best solutions for businesses and developers who do not need the latest releases. Moreover, CentOS is more stable and also more secure as it always uses a stable version of their software. In CentOS, it supports most of the control panels and you won’t get any stability issues. 


VPS for CentOS server

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Advantages of using CentOS server:


  1. With CentOS server, you get increased security levels where you can set the access limitations by yourself.


  1. CentOS server also provides high-performance speed as the server resources are used only by a renter.


  1. CentOS offers more compatibility with commercial application and also reduce the overload and sticking to more user-centric programs makes CentOS faster.


  1. In CentOS it allows you to have access to hardware part of the server. Where it helps to perform more precise adjustments where it provides better performance optimization.


  1. It as high efficiency. Because CentOS has better performance speed characteristics. And this is highly important for big projects functioning.