In fact, I have to hand it to Tencent Games. It could have just ported the game over to Switch with few changes and called it a day. But the development team really took the extra steps to make this the most enjoyable way to play the game. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use AoV Gold Accounts, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. A touchscreen can’t compete with real buttons, and while the control set-up for Arena of Valor took a few minutes to acquaint myself with, it’s incredibly intuitive in practice.

Unlike a lot of other games on Switch, it makes extensive use of the all four shoulder buttons. The L, R, And ZL buttons control the special moves I unlock for my character while ZR is its own maneuver I can equip before battle. The face buttons control everything else and it all just works so well. Even the netcode's been golden. Dropped matches haven't been an issue and my ping rate has always stayed well within an acceptable range.

You can upgrade these attacks by holding ‘X’ when prompted during each match, or even enable auto-upgrade and auto-purchase so you can crack on with the action if you’re not interested in the finer points of adjusting your build. While Heroes' stats have been tweaked in order to readdress the balance of using them on a console rather than a smart device, there’s still a wealth of depth to be had if you want to delve further into its meta. It’s not as terrifyingly deep as League of Legends, but it borrows enough of its DNA to put some meat on its long-term bones.

One reason it's been able to amass such a large following is its delivery method: Arena of Valor known as Honor of Kings in China is a mobile game, playable on the most prevalent handheld devices the world over. Developer Tencent is looking to expand that market even further in September with the launch of Arena of Valor on the Switch, Nintendo's portable living room console.