Canon printers are known to perform at best to support the user’s needs and protect their interests in printing tasks. It has been offering a lot of features to the users to make their job easier and keep them happy and satisfied. Now due to some reasons, you may face some issues with your Canon printers and paper jam issues is one of them that should be encountered ta earliest else it may prevent you from completing your printing tasks. While printing when you an error message appears on stating that paper jam issue. It can be occurred due to several reasons. When some piece of paper gets stuck in the paper tray or roller, it shows this error messages. Even a small particle of debris can create such an issue. However, you can remove this issue on your own with some easy steps. You can contact at Canon Printer Tech Support Number for further assistance as well.

An easy fix to the paper jam issue:

As you have known the reasons behind the issue you can fix it on your own with some easy steps. To get the complete solution, you have to follow these easy steps:

Turn your printer off:

To initiate the process of solution you need to turn your printer off. This important because you have to open up some parts of the printer so it would be better to work with moving parts when the printer is off. You have worked inside the device to clear the issue and then you need to switch.

Open doors and panels:

Now you need to locate the paper jam issue to fix this. You have to open all the printer’s doors that may lead to a paper jam issue. When you open the doors and panels, then you need to open or remove the input tray of your printer and track the path of the paper to the output tray of the external device. So you need to open all the doors and panels to locate the exact place of issue.

 Clear all the paper scraps and debris:

In the second step, you must have found out the location of where paper as jammed. Now you have to remove these piece of paper. You should look, or the debris and even the dust particles in the paper tray and make it clean at the doors and panels. You need to perform these steps quite gently and carefully and keep inside parts of printers unharmed.

Fix the printer:

Once you remove the debris and piece of paper and confirm that there is no other obstacle remains in the paper tray of inside the printer than you need to close all the doors and panels carefully and turn your printer on. Now you can make a test copy.

These steps are easy to follow, and you can easily process the solution to fix the issue. However, if you need a proper expert solution, then you should call at Canon Printer Customer Care and get the easy solution. 



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