NO DOUBT THAT I AM A LIBERALIST AND HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THE DESIRED CAMPAIGN KNOWN AS "GENDER EQUALITARIANISM " yes i dont simply because i believe that every one should have a right but! "Your rights would and will be forever be stipulated by a certain conglomerate such as a country, an organization, a people, a culture or some sort of company anyway..... circumstances are innumerable .... 'accept it or not!

A typical example is taking a Green Passport to a Blue Passport 'ed country and want to exercise same right as those with the BLUE CARDS. ...... Therefore my chipins on this Catastrophic Phenomenon is that "whosoever professes this Profligacy, should also take a moment to make it known to God that" make it known to God that HE God has been mandated by some sort of baseless arguments "to go carve a female version of the mud and breathe into it and have it come alive and become a woman so that the arguement of those propagating the gospel of GENDER EQUALITARIANISM will no longer have a baseless arguement as concluded by many men! I personally think that this will always have a better base of contention if God would listen. However i am taking a moment to let you know and tell you that all Gods punishments exist and are are real so please do have a beautiful day ahead