Netgear is a popular manufacturer of both wired and wireless routers. It is perfect for small businesses. Netgear routers are very much reliable and are easy to use. When you turn on the router, you get to see a white or a green light after 20 seconds, and if you don’t see it and there is orange light blinking, this could be the problem due to the Internet connection or power cycle. So the first thing you should do is check your connection and see whether your router is properly connected to the computer or not. This is a very common issue nowadays, and there is nothing wrong with your router, it is all about the ISP. Below are some steps that you need to follow, which might help you fix the issue of Netgear router blinking orange. But if you are not a technical master, you can also get in touch with Netgear  router technical support number where technical experts will guide you properly.

The steps that you could follow to fix this problem are:

  • Step 1: You need to turn your router off and then switch it on to see if the power LED is turning green or white.
  • Step 2: You need to restore the router to its factory setting. It could be done by pressing the Reset button and see if it is still blinking or not
  • Step 3: If it is still blinking, you will have to connect your computer to the LAN port of the router
  • Step 4: In this step, you will have to set the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway of your computer to static.
  • Step 5: When you are done with the above step, you need to open your command prompt
  • Step 6: Type and proceed by clicking enter
  • Step 7: If you can see replies coming, without setup CD recovery tool, you need to reinstall the firmware on the router.
  • Step 8: Once this process is done, the power light will turn green, and no orange color would blink

The above methods could be used to fix the problem, and if you seriously follow these steps, it is going to help you for sure. The process is a bit complicated, but it solves the problem immediately. But if you are not satisfied with the results, i.e., if the Power LED is still blinking orange, you can speak to Netgear  router customer service number and the technical executives will help you get rid of this problem by their professional assistance and guidance. Netgear Customer service is available 24/7, you can call them anytime you want, and they will be there to help you.

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