There has been a lot of technological advancement that has taken place over the years. Every technical device has brought new and added features which have made the life of its customers more interesting and user-friendly. Laptop are devices which need no introduction, and more than half the population possess laptop devices of their own. These days almost every laptop device comes with an HDMI port. HDMI ports are often located at the sides of the laptops. HDMI port is a large hollow opening using which the users can connect with any projector, audio, and visual device using cables. Using the HDMI port, the users can easily connect all their features to whichever device they are connecting with. Mostly this aspect is used when the users want to display their screen content on a larger screen, and this is helpful when the users are giving out presentations while watching movies, etc.


There are times when the users come across issues with the HDMI port. There are errors which come up, causing the images and videos to be displayed distorted. The users can easily recognize this issue when the desktop contents are not displayed on the screen to which the device is connected. The problem can also be of audio, not working while giving a presentation or while watching a movie. There also issues like the device constantly being disconnected, images displayed are blurred, and even the images being shaky. These said issues take place when the data of the device is not being correctly transferred. There are several reasons which could cause such a malfunction. When the users come across such an issue while using Dell Laptop, there is nothing to be worried about. The users can easily connect with dell tech support number and seek professional assistance on how to handle such a situation.


Steps to follow in order to solve the HDMI issue

The users can easily solve the problem of HDMI malfunction by following the below-given steps:

  • The users would have to disconnect the cable which connects the laptop with the device, and then they would also have to turn off the device.
  • You would then have to unplug the power cord and take out the battery from the laptop.
  • Then the users would have to let the device reset for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now insert the battery back and then switch on both the devices.
  • Plug the HDMI cable and check whether the issue has been solved or not.


If you face any malfunction while undertaking the steps mentioned, then you would have to contact dell customer support. This service is accessible at any hour of the day and is completely free of charge. The professionals would ensure that the issue has been completely resolved.


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