The Global EA Sports FIFA 19 series produces more than 680 million minutes, a 60% increase per year and 61 million total views, a 25% increase year on year. Significant audience growth is underpinned by many major factors such as the FIFA 19 Global Series featuring 17 official league partners vs. eight last season, the eChampions League which first collaborated with UEFA to crown NYC_Chris as their first champions and the eNations FIFA Cup was successfully introduced for the first time .

"We are very pleased to see the global community gather around the FIFA 19 Global Series in a very monumental way," said Brent Koning, FIFA Game Competitive Commissioner. "Our partnership with FIFA, UEFA and 17 world-class soccer leagues enhances our connection with traditional sports that encourage unprecedented player and audience involvement. Now, we see 120 top players who qualify for the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs competing in an effort to become a world champion at FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. " And if you don't have enough time to play FIFA 19 and earn Points, provides Cheap FUT 19 Points Top Up for you.

EA Sports has also pushed for a greater marketing drive, building the 'sofa-to-champions' storyline to highlight some of its marquee player entries into esports. Among its media partners, EA Sports made an agreement with Fox Sports in April to provide US broadcast TV and streaming rights to several FIFA 19. esports events including coverage of the FIFA eNations Cup held in London, which will culminate in the FIFA eWorld Cup, which begins in July.

FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs started the first time with the Xbox staircase on July 5 to 7 in Hamburg, Germany with the PlayStation4 bracket going on July 12 to 14 in Berlin, Germany.