As we all know, wireless technology has been playing an important role in today’s world. Whenever we feel like connecting to Internet, we always prefer wifi. It is the prime reason that Dell has started offering wireless printers for the users. A wireless printer enables the users to do print jobs and send them to the co-workers without leaving their workspace. Well if you talk about how to connect your dell printer to a wireless network, you will have to follow few easy steps, and you will get your solution. You can use any of the provided methods to connect to a wireless network. You can also get in touch with dell customer care number where the technicians will help you solve the problem


Methods you need to follow to connect your printer to a wireless network:

  • Method 1: You can use printer panel to connect Dell printer to a wireless network: Printer panel is available in every Dell printers, which helps you to change and modify network and printer settings. You can easily connect to a wireless network by following the given steps:

o   You need to turn your printer on

o   Go to system button and admin menu. Then you have to go to the network option

o   You will see a wireless setup option; you need to click on that, you will be given a list of wireless networks out of which you have to select your network.

o   After the selection, you will have to enter the password for the desired network and you are done with the process


  • Method 2: Connect dell printer via WPS button: WPS is the supreme method to connect dell printer to a wireless network. But WPS feature is not available in every wireless router. You need to ensure whether your device have this feature or not. If yes , then you can follow the given instructions:

o   You need to hold the WPS button on your printer until it shows ‘WPS method is running’ message on yout printer and then do the same with the router

o   They both will start synchronizing, and it might take 2 minutes for them to connect


  • Method 3: Use dell easy installer or Wireless Setup Wizard

o   Dell easy installer helps you easily connect to the wireless network automatically

o   Dell easy installer contains CD and dell printers; you need to connect dell printer to your device and insert the CD. Go to the file name setup.exe

o   After you get done with the setup, You will see a dialog box which contains some instructions for the installation; you need to follow them, and your installation process will be done

o   Now, disconnect the printer from the computer, and you will be able to connect to wireless network automatically


These methods could help you connect to the wireless networks. But if you still have any query , you can contact dell technical support to get assisted by the professional experts.


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