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Add visual impact

Bring visual interest to your articles, worksheets, and presentations by inserting Scalable Vector Images (SVG) which have filters put on them.



Break the language barrier

Translate words, phrases, and other text message selections to some other language with Microsoft Translator.                                                  

Add motion with Morph

Make clean animations, transitions, and subject movements across your slides with Morph.The Morph transition gives you to animate smooth motion in one slide to another. The concept is described by this video as well as how to use the Morph changeover, all in 90 seconds.


Run a slide show with your digital pen 

Use your Surface pen, or any other pen with a Bluetooth button, to enhance your slides.

Roam while presenting freely. A pen can be considered a wireless handy remote control up to 30 ft from your computer.


With Office 2019, you get new and improved features. Take a look below to learn more.

If you're new to Office or new to an app, check out the Office 2019 Quick Start Guides. If you want to find out why you should upgrade to Office 2019


One-click fixes for accessibility issues

The Convenience Checker is preferable to ever with updated support for international standards and useful suggestions to make your articles more accessible.


Learning Tools improve readability

Give your eyes an escape. Adjust text spacing, column width, and web page color. Or listen as Term aloud reads your record, highlighting text message as it's read.

Use Learning Tools to help with reading fluency and comprehension.

This feature is available to Office 365 Setup only.


We updated with a new experience focused on two simple things: helping users get the most out of Office and getting them back into their work quickly. and now more than 40 percent of Office 365 web users start their work by visiting


New functions

TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, IFS, and more. Let Excel do the work so you don't have to.


What's new in your favorite Office app



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