Sage 50 accounting software is meant to serve the users to meet with their expectations regulating and managing the accounting needs and bookkeeping exercises. It offers some great features to manage business administration easily. This software is quite protected, but in case you get some error such as Generic COM error then you should call at sage customer support number and get the most prominent support. This blog is also focused on generic Com error, and you will get the proper information to solve the issue.


What causes generic COM error in Sage 50


  • Before you go for the solution, you shouldlook for the causes that are responsible for the error. here you have some points that you should have a look to find the solution:
  • Multiple version installed in your computer may cause trouble.
  • Inappropriate Outlook setup may also be the culprit.
  • If you have enabled user account control, then you may get this error.
  • Inaccurate email settings might cause the issue as well.


Easy process to fix the issue:


Here you will get a simple guide to fix the issue easily. You can follow these steps to ensure the easy solution and get your Sage 50 fixed quickly.


Solution  1.


  • First of all, you need to check if Outlook version is compatible with Sage software.
  • Then check for the latest updates for Outlook and install them.
  • Now try to open the Sage 50 software to check if the issue is removed.


Solution 2.


  • Close all the open programs and then go to the properties tab.
  • Then select the compatibility tab and mark the option ‘run this program as an admin’ and click Ok.
  • Go the Sage 50 icon and right-click to open properties menu.
  • Then again try to process emailing task.


Solution 3.


  • To get rid of any issue from Outlook you need to look at settings.
  • Open the Microsoft system and right-click on word doc and click on the send option.
  • Then press a windows+R button and type name/control Microsoft default programs and hit enter.


Solution 4.


  • You need to open the settings in Sage 50 account and remove the email signature there and select the default email.
  • Now restart your system and then again try to send an email.


Get the expert support for further assistance:


These solutions are proven methods and will be helping you immensely to fix the issue. however, if you are unable to resolve the issue on your own then contact at sage customer care number to get the expert support. 


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