When it comes to Brother printer, it becomes imperative that you clean the paper pick up roller occasionally to avoid any malfunctions or troubles. This will ensure that you do not face paper jam troubles in the future. If the pick-up rollers are correctly cleaned, then you can be rest assured that the papers will get feeded into the tray correctly and when the print command is given, it will come smoothly without getting stuck. You can read this blog until the end and understand the cleaning procedure. Sometimes it can also require a technical expert to help you with the same, and if you wish to avail that, you can always dial

Brother Printer  support  number. You must also get it serviced annually in order to avoid troubles in the future.

The process to clean the Brother Printer Pick up roller:

  • Switch off the Brother printer and remove the power cord from the main switch
  • If the paper flap, where you insert the papers is open, you need to close it and also close the paper support.
  • Now pull out the paper tray from the machine
  • Take a moist linen cloth and damp it with water and clean the Base Pad 1.
  • If you have the printer with model number MFC-J680DW/MFC-J880DWMFC-J885DW, then you need to clean the Base Pad 2 as well.This is the photo bypass tray and wipes it with the same linen cloth.
  • After cleaning it, take a dry cloth and wipe it on the base pad to soak the moisture
  • Now again take a moist cloth and start rotating the paper pick up roller and clean it with the fabric. Make sure that no point gets missed
  • After it is cleaned, remove all the moisture with the dry cloth.
  • Now insert the paper tray back and fix it securely.
  • Connect the power cord back again.
  • Switch on the printer and see whether the issue has been resolved or not.

This can be a complicated procedure, especially for those who have no technical knowledge about the printer’s equipment. Instead of implementing the given method in a faulty manner, it is suggested that you take help from the professional executives by dialing the toll-free number at Brother Printer  customer care phone number. Doing this without additional help, especially when you are not technically sound can lead to future issues and can worsen the situation.


It is suggested that you take help from the professional executives by dialing the toll-free number at Brother Printer Customer Support number.

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