Today we talk about a practice that tends to have a lot of bad press and to which many people look with suspicion: romantic sex. If you want to experiment and do not have a sexual partner with whom to do it, there are girls to practice with Kolkata call girls to have romantic sex in west Bengal depending on where you are. The first thing we should know to be able to practice romantic sex with our partner in comfort is that we should be totally relaxed, because if we are tense and the muscles of the anus are contracted, penetration can be painful for both of us, even impossible.

The romantic sex is not a sexual practice for something new, in fact you have knowledge that already in Kolkata was practiced. The Bengali were true lovers of sex and sexual relations with escorts in Kolkata for which there was not much distinction between men and women, in fact homosexual practices were not viewed with beautiful eyes, especially among soldiers who had to spend a long time away from their wives, so they resorted to this type of relationship in which fun was an essential part.

Something that for the current religions is quite frowned upon and is considered as something dirty, especially for lusty Vadodara escorts societies, which consider it as something sinful and unworthy, just typical of inferior beings and low morale. Even in some areas of Indian is punished with the death penalty; an intolerance that in this 21st century seems quite out of place.

But even in older times, sex was part of everyday life and it has been often a requirement to be sodomized by a superior to ascend the social ladder, which is why slaves and Gangtok escorts submitted to these practices as such position yourself in a more advantageous way. The most illustrious lover of romantic sex was, undoubtedly, who liked to have male lovers as well as a wife.

A romantic sex practice that is usually related only at night, but whose reality is very different, since it is estimated that at least 10% of couples practice with Siliguri escorts it regularly. They tend to be couples with a lot of confidence and communication and with a very stable bond, although sometimes romantic sex is used to practice sex without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. All these couples practice it because they find pleasure in romantic sex, something that is always tested by curiosity, but that can also provide a great amount of pleasure.

The greatest fear of couples who have not yet tried this intriguing sexual practice is usually the fear of pain; In this way it is not uncommon to hire Kolkata escorts services who want to try romantic sex but wonder if it will hurt. Well, it is true that it can be painful if not done in the right conditions, and that it is very likely that to practice it is necessary to use external lubricants, since then does not have its own lubrication, but it is necessary to banish this collective knowledge since the fact is that many couples, both men and women, practice it and get great pleasure through romantic sex.

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