QuickBooks is easy to use software that helps immensely to the users to proceed with their requirements related to accounting and bookkeeping. It has  a lot to offer to the users in terms of quality services and flawless model of accounts management. In this blog, you will get the complete solution to adjust invoice payments in QuickBooks. You can easily adjust your invoice payments in QuickBooks as it offers you complete support that you need to activate your advance payments and invoice in QuickBooks. The process is simple and unique, and one can do it easily without any prior knowledge information about QuickBooks.


 If you are using QuickBooks for a while, then you must have a clear approach to adjust your payments in QuickBooks. In case you need expert support then contact QuickBooks technical support and get the professional approach to fix the issue. However, this blog will also be helping you to fix the issue.


Know these points before initiating the process:


If you want to start the process for adjusting the advance payment in an invoice in QuickBooks, then you should look into these points as a precondition to executing the process.

  • Advance payment amount should be less than or equal to the complete amount mentioned in invoice excluding tax.
  • Advance payment date should be prior to the bill payment date.
  • Invoice and the advance payment transactions should be in the same financial year.


Easy steps to adjust invoice payments:


Once you have considered these points mentioned above, then you can follow these steps to complete the process of advance adjustment in payment against a bill:


  • First, you need to sign in to QuickBooks.
  • Select the plus icon and then go to purchase under the option suppliers.
  • You can choose a supplier from the drop-down menu.
  • Now choose the appropriate term from drop down.
  • Fill up the account details and other information.
  • Choose the exact TDS section to ensure the tax deduction.
  • Fill up the TDS amount and follow the given instruction.
  • You will get a pop-up window to calculate the TDS.
  • Then select the payment that you want to apply on this invoice.
  • Now click on apply to finish the process.


Get the QuickBooks support for further assistance:


in this blog, you get complete information about the issue and how to fix it. By following these steps carefully, you will solve your issue easily. However, in some cases, you may not be able to find the option and exact points. In these cases, you should call at QuickBooks customer service number to get the easy and prominent support with a professional approach.


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