– Norton has a number of well-known products and services to protect users and their data from various threats. Furthermore, it also has a range of utility software and applications available to provide users with the best experience while using their device. Keeping all this in mind, Norton released a service called Norton Utilities.


Norton is a general regarded stamp offering the best of antivirus relationship around the world. Convincing its structures and sorts, it gives specific changes which address the specific issue of the clients. With Norton com Setup Antivirus, you can release up as it works an as a shield to your PC. Your PC is totally ensured and ensured by the world’s driving security supplier.

Norton Utilities 16 offers a paying little character to what you look like at it security react in due excitement concerning every last one of the clients around the world. It might be totally spread out as the utility programming suite as it is strikingly foreseen that would give a total help on administering, keeping up and re-desiging a PC structure. In the event that you need to find a couple of structures concerning this thing, you can contact Norton Customer prop as they are perseveringly made to vitalize you. For additional, visit: and get a moment structure. Inbuilt Features

The lighting up behind picking Norton NU16 is its best of highlights and unmatchable execution It pulls in the client to utilize a perfect and safe contraption. Read out a pound of its amazing highlights and present the antivirus on your PC.

  1. Norton Disk Doctor
  2. Reestablish Center
  3. Copy File Finder
  4. Structure Optimizer
  5. Structure Dashboard and that is just the begin
  6. Application Uninstaller
  7. Startup Manager
  8. Association together Manager
  9. Circle Defragmenter
  10. Library Cleaner
  11. Norton UnErase

Download Norton Utilities

  1. Sign in to Norton.
  2. In the Order History page, next to Norton Utilities, click Order Number to view the order details.
  3. Under Order Details, copy the product key.
  4. Next to Norton Utilities, click Download.
  5. You are redirected to the Download Manager page. Click the download link to start the download.
  6. If you cannot download Norton Utilities from Norton Management, you can download it from the following link : Norton Utilities.
  7. Double-click the file that you downloaded.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the product and then restart your computer.
  9. When you see a prompt to activate Norton Utilities, type your product key, and then click Activate.

How do I install and activate Norton Utilities (Online)?

You can download a trial version of Norton Utilities here:

  • After you have downloaded the setup file from our website, double-click the setup file to launch the installation. The installation wizard guides you through the easy setup steps.
  • Purchasing Norton Utilities activation code
  • The easiest method to convert your trial version to the full version of Norton Utilities is by clicking the Activate Now option in the Dashboard window. You can then click Purchase in the Activate Now window to purchase a Norton Utilities activation code from the Symantec website.

Activating Norton Utilities

After you have purchased your activation code, you can use the Activate Now option in the Dashboard window to activate the product. You can use the Activate Now window to enter your name, email address, and the activation code and click Activate Now to send your details for validation.

Before you begin

Before you begin, you should close all open programs on your computer and ensure that you are connected to the Internet.

To install Norton Utilities