Blerk error or Blerk error 1 is associated with AOL mail and occurs during the sign in process. This error is displayed on the window screen indicating that due to some possible reason, you are denied the access to sign in to your AOL mail. There can be many factors behind the issue. Keep on reading this blog to know the reasons and their simultaneous solutions. You can also dial AOL Email Customer Service Number any time when you feel the urgency of technical assistance.

Availability of junk files:

When the browser is being overloaded with junk files comprising of cache, cookies, history, and bookmarks, it can cause sign in troubles for different mail accounts. Delete all the junk from the system and certify to do it on a regular basis.

AOL Desktop Gold issue:

If you are using or accessing AOL email through the desktop application, then you must first look out for any cause of worry in AOL Desktop Gold. You can update the software, ensure to use the updated AOL mail URL, and tackle any problem with the desktop software to solve the issue.

Browser incompatibility:

Due to some technical issues in the web browser you are using, there can occur problems in signing in to AOL mail. Look at the settings that need to be done for different web browsers.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Always use the advanced version
  • You are required to expand Internet Explorer and go to ‘Tools.’
  • Choose Internet Security and once done, go to Internet Zone in the security window.
  • Enable the protection mode by checking the box associated with it.
  • Look for AOL mail and add it to the trusted site zone. For that follow the procedure; Tools>Internet>Security>Trustedsite zone>Sites>AOL
  • Once done, restart the system to update the changes.
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Disable the add-ons from the help window
  • In the dialog box that appears, select the option of ‘Start in safe mode.’
  • Doing this will disable the themes and extensions
  • Google Chrome
  • Update the web browser to its latest version
  • Delete the browser’s history, cookies, and cache
  • Scan the system and run an antivirus scan
  • Switch off the privacy and the security settings

Internet troubles:

This is the most basic issue. When you are trying to sign in, just verify whether the system has been connected to the net connection. If it has lost the connection, then secure it first. But if it is facing troubles even after maintaining the connection, then ask your internet service provider to fix the issue.

If these issues and their respective solutions are not able to solve your query, then kindly dial AOL Email Technical Support and talk to the techies regarding the same.


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