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www.avg.com/retail | HOW TO GET AVG ACTIVATION CODE
Your AVG License Number has been emailed to you as you place your order at the AVG online shop.
If you have AVG Retail already installed and wish to view your license key to make a backup copy of it, you can retrieve your AVG Retail or AVG license number by following these steps:
Run AVG version 8.5
Double-click the License icon
Your AVG license number is listed in the License Component window. You can copy it to the clipboard by right-clicking it and selecting Copy license number.
Store your AVG license number in a text file at a safe location.
Enable file sharing with avg firewall
If you cannot access files or print over network on a computer with AVG Firewall from another computer in your local network, it’s necessary to enable Files and printer sharing:
1. Open AVG program.
2. Click Firewall.
3. And if the status of Files and printer sharing is Disabled, then click change.
4. Select Home network or Work netwok to allow file and printer sharing.