Far behind League of Legends and Dota 2 level popularity, Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard MOBA is trying to find a place in a competitive industry. Blizzard shoots his latest cards with a version 2.0 of his game. Bet successful? It is on this occasion that we return to offer you HotS Boost. The new hero who accompanies the redesign of Heroes of the Storm is Genji. From the world of Overwatch, one of the other games Blizzard works particularly well at the moment. It will be a character of the assassin type who, as in Overwatch, will be able to attack from a distance thanks to his shurikens, then to go to fight in hand-to-hand combat with his saber, his dragon blade.

Before the release of this redesign, it was enough to raise his account at level 40 simply by playing games. For the heroes, we could level 20 to unlock gold and some skins alternative. We could reach level 40 quite quickly and we lost the feeling of progression. With this redesign, there is no more limitation at level 40 for the account and 20 for the heroes. Your level will be the sum of all the levels of the heroes you have. To differentiate even more people from different levels you will receive new frames every 25 levels and every 100 levels your badge will become more and more impressive. As a result each level climb of a character you receive a booty chest.

The gems are used to replace real money and will therefore buy heroes, chests of booty or turbos that increase your experience and your gain of gold for a limited time. Of course, players will be able to buy gems with real money. The crystals will be used to make ornamental objects like skins for your champion, mounts, tags like overwatch, emoticons and new replicas for your characters. The crystals are only obtained in the booty chests.

There are also other neutral monster camps that are easier but offer lesser bonuses like a mobile beacon that will locate 3 opposing champions and unveil them for 8 seconds, a deployable turret anywhere even on your convoy. It will inflict damage for 45 seconds. The last bonus a little harder to recover is not insignificant and can tip a teamfight on your side since it is a care kit usable in combat that heals all the nearby allies.

At your first connection after the release of the 2.0 Blizzard will offer 100 gems that will allow you to choose Heroes of the Storm Boosting. There are different types of super-packs such as the assassins super pack, which as its name suggests assassins, the versatile super pack that includes a selection of heroes that include several roles as warriors, specialist, assassins and supporters. There is also the super pack support and specialists then the super pack warriors.