The error code 1 2 3 is recorded to be one of the most common issues that is encountered by users while using their Dell Laptops. This is an issue where the system is unable to boot, can’t even arrive at BIOS. Then there is a definite need to run diagnose. Dell laptops are one of the most efficient laptops that are available in the market. They have been providing the users with magnificent services for several years now. Even to counter this issue of error code 123 the users can promptly connect with the dell tech support number where they would get all the assistance that would be required. The users can also try resolving this issue themselves by using the methods that are given ahead in this blog.

The possible reason for you having to encounter this error could be the power supply issue, Motherboard issue, Hard Disk or even the battery issue. If you facing this issue with your system, then there is nothing that you have to worry about. You can calmly look into the matter and solve it efficiently.

The steps to solve Dell Error Code 123

Solution 1: Review the Power Supply Button

  • You should run a complete review of the power supply of the laptop. Ensure that the power cable is properly connected with the laptop and that there is no issue with the power socket that you connected with.
  • If you find any issue, immediately replace the power cable or power source.



Solution 2: Initiate Dell Diagnostics from the Hard Drive

  • As your system boots, when the Dell logo is displayed on the screen press the F12 key instantly.
  • If you come across the message which says no diagnostic utility partition is available, then at that point you would have to run the Dell Diagnostics from your own ‘Drivers and Utilities’ media.
  • Once you have the list on the screen, you would have to highlight ‘Boot to Utility Partition’ and then click on the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Further, when you receive the Dell Diagnostics ‘Main Menu’ option on your screen, select the tests that you would want to run on your system.



Solution 3: Run the Dell Diagnostics from the Drivers and Utility Disk

  • Add the Driver and the Utility disk, then you would have to restart your system.
  • After you see the Dell logo, click on F12 immediately.
  • After you receive the boot list, you would have to highlight the ‘Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive’ and then click on the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Now you would have to type 1 to begin the menu and then press ‘Enter’ to proceed.
  • Further, you would have to choose ‘Run the 32 bit Dell Diagnostics’. If you have multiple versions, then choose the version that you perfectly suit your system.
  • Now when the Dell Diagnostics ‘Main Menu’ appears, you would have to choose the test that you wish to run.



Solution 4: Check the RAM

  • The Dell error code 123 occurs because of the RAM settings. Hence it is important that you verify the RAM settings. It could also be because the ram is not seated properly in the slot.
  • You should also inspect the RAM for any bent pin or any object that is blocking the RAM.
  • Ensure that the RAM is compatible with your system.



If even after following the methods given above you are not able to solve the error code 123, then it is advised that you promptly connect with the dell customer support. They would then give you all the assistance that is required to efficiently overcome the issue.

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