NBA 2K's last couple of entries have done something a little different with demos.Rather than offering a handful of teams to play exhibition matches with, they offer up an early chunk of story that acts as a prelude to the full game's narrative.Players create a character and take their first steps into a pro career in the NBA, with progress carrying directly into the full title.

NBA 2K19's Prelude had your undrafted player trying to make a living playing in China and set the stage nicely.Expect this year's to be similar in terms of scope, although it'll likely land only a week or so before launch as with its predecessor - so you're looking at the end of August before you get your first taste of NBA 2K20.

One rumoured feature though is an expansion of the game to also include female players. Atlanta Dream’s WNBA player Renee Montgomery recently tweeted a photo of her inside a scanning booth with the text “….cool to be scanned for the @NBA2K game…”. However the tweet was quickly deleted. This has led some to suggest that the next release of the game could include WNBA teams, something that rival NBA Live from EA Sports has already included for the last two years. Best and Cheapest NBA 2K20 MT For Sale -

Last year, there were multiple NBA 2K19 cover athletes. Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo graced the cover of the standard edition in North America while Sixers point guard Ben Simmons starred on the standard edition in Australia and New Zealand. Lebron James featured on the 20th Anniversary Edition.We don’t know who will appear on the NBA 2K20 cover just yet, but you can expect multiple star players and an announcement sometime in May or June.

The title of NBA 2k20 features a revamped style with more realistic animation. This year edition will come with improving the off-ball system and tangibility of the ball. Some also suggest that the next title will also feature one of the worst microtransaction. Well, fans can buy all the skins and exclusive perks with real money.We expect that it have two variants: One is Standard Edition and a second one special edition that will ship with additional features of the players. It will be available with bonuses VC worth 100,000 and My TEAM points worth 50,000.