AOL desktop gold is quite a useful software that help you to connect with the internet in a exciting way. It offers a lot of cool and useful features that make the internet browsing more enhanced. It allows you to watch the video, play the games and listen music along with the normal internet surfing. Now If you are unable to get online through your AOL account you should become active to resolve the issue at the earliest. You can easily fix the issue with the steps given in this. Otherwise you have to uninstall the AOL desktop and need to install AOL gold desktop again to your computer.

What case AOL desktop Gold not connecting issue?

You must need the reason behind the issue that is preventing AOL desktop gold to connect to the internet. Here some probable reasons that can cause the trouble:

Operating system: You may not have the updated operating system that can cause the issue. Some other issues in operating system can also cause the issue.

Your computer settings: You can try to log in to your AOL desktop gold with another computer and if you are able to use it easily, then make it sure that the problem is in your computer settings that you need to fix.

Issue with router or network: your router or network connection may be the reason for AOL not connecting to the internet issue. So you need to check all the connection to fix the issue.

Easy methods to solve the issue:

Once you get the reasons of the issue you can solve the issue with these easy methods:

  1. By enabling the settings of Automatic LAN detect

This method is applicable to all the users for all browser and solve the issue by following these steps:

  • Open your internet browser such as Chrome or Mozilla
  • Then go to the gear option and choose settings
  • Now you have to navigate ‘Advanced’ option and open it
  • Then go to the system option and open proxy settings
  • Now you can find connection option in the ‘Internet properties’
  • Then click on LAN settings and review the settings there
  • You have to enable ‘Automatically detect settings’ and unmark the box ‘use a proxy server for your LAN’
  • Then exit the window


  1. By disabling the internet protected mode:
  • You can temporarily disable this feature with these steps:
  • Go to the internet browser other than AOL
  • Then go to the gear option and settings
  • Now click on advanced option and then system
  • By clicking on proxy settings you will get the security option
  • Now you need to unmark the box ‘Enhanced protected mode’

If these methods failed to provide you proper solution you need download AOL desktop gold again but before the downloading you need to uninstall the software.


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