ATT email is one of the most useful and secured networks of email and helps users to communicate with the groups and contacts within the safety measures. Now you can use it on Android devices as well. However sometimes you may get some issues with Android, and consequently, it is stopped working on Android devices. ATT has a lot to offer to every type of users with a variety of their needs, and once you get the not working error message, you cannot proceed further to conclude your work. If you are facing this problem right now, then you don’t need to worry because the solution is simple and quite easy to follow. This blog will help you to fix the issue. You also have the option to call at ATT Customer Service Number and get the most prominent support to solve your issue.

Easy steps to solve ATT email not working on Android:

There may be some certain reasons that can cause this issue. So you need to locate these reasons to fix the issue and follow these solutions:

  1. Sign out and sign in: This is a common solution, and you should apply this method before looking here and there for another solution. Just sign out to your ATT account and then again sign in with correct username and password.

  2. Try a different browser: You should try to log into your ATT email account with a different browser. If you can easily log in, then you can be sure that the problem is within the browser.


  1. Remove junk files: Many of junk files could be the reason for not working ATT email on Android. After so many useless and junk files are stored in your device it may create some virus or corruption in that can cause a troubling situation.

  2. ATT email settings: Sometimes users think that they have got the issue only when they don’t get any emails from a specific person. So you should look at your settings and make sure that no contacts are in the blocked list. If you find any, remove it and then try to send emails. You should also check the spam list for blocked contacts.


  1. Check email filters: You can check the email filters as well to make it sure that all incoming emails are going to inbox. If some emails are directed to other folders, then you need to change the preferences.

These solutions are easy to follow, and one can apply these steps by oneself and remove the issue easily. However, if you find any further issue, then you should contact at ATT Tech Support Number and get the most prominent solutions professionally.


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