For many reasons, the FUT is the star mode of the EA Sports football franchise to the point of being considered the heart of the huge community of players and in FIFA 19 is not the expedition. All that is very good, but what is the Ultimate Team? Through a card system that represents real players, FUT 19 offers excuses to participate in events, tournaments and all kinds of challenges. And the range of options is huge. In some we will have to beat other players in online competitions and in others we will have to design specific templates.

At the end of each game and challenge we are offered FIFA FUT Boost that we can use to obtain player cards or items (or letter envelopes) in order to improve our team and obtain progressively better results. And, in passing acquire our favorite players. In return, the FUT 19 offers endless replayability, the constant search for succulent rewards and the promise of assembling the best team ever created based on polishing our skills, speculating with the best current players and history and luck.

Do not worry if this is the first time you enter Ultimate Team, since all players start from scratch and in the same conditions, so the only three advantages that exist at the beginning are. Two kits, a shield, enough players to form a team, not too good based on the country of your choice and the possibility of choosing a superstar yielded by several. From that point, the mode itself will give you a guided tour in which you can change the name of your club and experiment with different styles of formation through some Initial Goals.

A procedure that you are interested in carrying out even if you are a veteran, since each step has its reward. The first bars in the Ultimate Team will be spent completing the Initial Objectives, in which we will learn not only to learn to navigate through the menus, but also to explain the key elements of the game and in passing will take our team to the field.

New thematic week in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, this time with the final phase of the Champions League as protagonist. EA Sports has decided to draw a team compiling the best players of the eighth and quarterfinals of the best European club competition, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi leading the way. The cracks of Juventus and Barcelona lead a team full of stars with brutal statistics to give a jump of quality to our templates.

But let's see what's interesting, what players can we get FIFA FUT Coin Boost for free? EA Sports has released up to three extra players that we can achieve through daily challenges and another that is available in an SBC. In addition, every day at 7:00 p.m. is another special low cost SBC with a good envelope as a reward, so it is highly recommended to do them. From this Friday we have three players available in the weekly challenges to get them for free. They are the pearl of Benfica, Joao Felix, Valencia Daniel Wass and Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson.