HP Printer Service Error Code 49 is an error message that generally appears on the control panel of Page Wide Enterprise printer or LaserJet Enterprise Printer that has HP Future Smart firmware. Error Code 49 shows that there is a firmware communication error. This error is sometimes accompanied by a letter such as W, X, Y, and Z. For example, HP users are likely to see the error as “49.WX.YZ.” These letters are considered to be variable values of the error. Service Error Code 49 is of two types, either Intermittent 49 errors or Persistent 49 errors. You can call the HP Printer Customer Service Number to find out more about this error, or you can read through the solutions given below to try and troubleshoot the problem on your own.


Causes of HP Printer Service Error Code 49


Even though HP painstakingly tests the printer firmware even before it is released, users will sometimes encounter errors that can halt printing tasks. Intermittent 49 errors are seen when the printer alternate between correct functioning and not functioning at all. On the other hand, Persistent 49 errors, as the name suggests, repeatedly occur even after many attempts to solve the problem. Here are some of the reasons why you may have encountered the problem in the first place:

  • The printing files on your computer include unsupported printer commands
  • Heavy network traffic or concurrent processing of jobs caused the HP Printer to malfunction
  • You may have implemented a third-party solution that was not designed to work on your HP Printer

Steps to fix HP Printer Service Error Code 49

You can refer to the steps given below to check the setting on your HP Printer and make the necessary changes to fix Error Code 49:

Step 1: Begin by turning the HP Printer off and then turn it back on

Step 2: Check the event log to see how often the error occurs

Step 3: Use the control panel or the Embedded Web Server and enable Auto Recovery

Step 4: If Auto Recovery is not enabled by default you will need to open the ‘Future Smart 3’ menu and select ‘Management.’

Step 5: In the same way open the ‘Future Smart 4’ menu and go to ‘General Settings.’

Step 6: Select the Auto Recovery option and enable it. Save the changes and then restart your printer.


As long as the frequency of the error is limited to one-time per week, you do not have to worry about anything since the errors will not harm your HP printer. However, if the errors occur often and if they persist even after implementing the steps mentioned in this article, then you should call the HP Printer Support Phone Number and ask for additional technical assistance so that you can perform more advanced troubleshooting steps.

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