AOL Desktop Gold is a software which is capable of fulfilling all their desktop needs. This software provides the users with features like a web browser, multimedia player, email service and even makes you capable of playing games. The amazing aspect of this software is that they ensure the users get all the features without compromising on security. This software can efficiently function on Mac as well as Windows operating systems. The process that you must undertake to Reinstall AOL desktop gold on your system is also very straightforward. The users also get the option of choosing the required package as per their need.

AOL Desktop has been successfully satisfying the needs of millions of users all across the globe. The mesmerizing features that this software has on offer is what makes the user prefer AOL over any other software. Being a software, AOL is also not immune to malfunctions and glitches. There are times when the users of AOL Desktop Gold face malfunctioning of the software. One such issue is when the icon of AOL Desktop Gold goes missing. There can be several reasons for having to encounter this issue. The files in the AOL Desktop Gold folder could be damaged; there could be some malware or virus on your system. By going through this blog, you would get a better understanding of this issue and how to handle it when you come across this issue.

Ways to solve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold icon missing

If you wish to resolve the problem of your AOL Desktop Gold icon gone missing, the steps that you would have to use are as stated below:

Step 1: Look at the system tray which is located at the bottom of the desktop screen.

Step 2: Find and search the AOL desktop gold in the hidden items of the system tray.

Step 3: Once you find AOL desktop gold in the hidden items, right click and choose the option of creating a shortcut.

Step 4: After you have opted for this option you would then have the AOL Desktop Gold icon on your Desktop.

When you see that your AOL desktop gold icon has gone missing, there could be a chance that the AOL software has been uninstalled from your system. In this situation, you would not be able to find the icon even in the hidden items. Hence the only option that you would have left would be to AOL gold download on your system again.

  • The steps to download AOL desktop gold is as given below:
  • Open the browser and then navigate to the official website of AOL.
  • Once you are on the official website, search for AOL Desktop Gold and then click on the option of Download.
  • When the download is complete, run the .exe file that you have downloaded and follow the instructions that are given to you onscreen.

Once you successfully install the software again on your system, you would be able to find the shortcut available on your desktop. If you face more anymore issues in this process, promptly connect with the customer care and avail professional assistance.


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